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ABILITY CHOICE Medicare Eligibility

ABILITY CHOICE® Medicare Eligibility

Verify Medicare benefits with our software

ABILITY CHOICE Medicare Eligibility provides secure, simple 24/7 access to Medicare’s HETS database and enables real-time, detailed eligibility status and medical benefit information.

Critical real-time data

Faster reimbursement and cash flow

Determine eligibility at the onset of a patient stay with no surprises.

Fewer rejected claims and returns

Get info up front about Medicare replacement plans, secondary payers, and Medicare as a secondary payer.

24/7 access to Medicare benefits

View up to 12 months in the past, and up to four months ahead through the HETS system.

ABILITY CHOICE Medicare Eligibility

Get fast, detailed eligibility status and medical benefit information without login IDs and passwords, and without wading through multiple pages of information for each patient. ABILITY CHOICE Medicare Eligibility allows you to submit inquiries 24/7 and receive real-time responses.

  • Enhanced filtering for customizable STC selection, save your favorites to see only the benefit responses you want to see

  • Deductible and benefit maximum tracking, including: therapy cap amounts, applied and remaining amounts, hospital and SNF co-pay days remaining and lifetime reserve days remaining

  • Multiple search criteria options help you confirm eligibility, even with limited data elements

  • Medicare eligibility available for all states and lines of business through this one application, including for Part A, Part B, MERC, RHHI and Railroad

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