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Attendance tracking and reporting software

ABILITY SMARTFORCE Attendance simplifies the collection and tracking of attendance data with the cutting-edge technology that today’s users expect. Missed time punch alerts, variance reporting, time card reporting, configurable time card rules and more, are all delivered in real-time, in the cloud.

Time and attendance, in the cloud

Approve time cards

Easily review and approve time cards from your tablet, computer or mobile phone.

New time capture options

Capture time from employee mobile phones with geolocation, or designated computer. Time clocks no longer needed, but supported.

Alerts and notifications

Both managers and staff stay informed with alerts when someone does not punch in, misses a break or punches out late.


This completely new cloud-based application includes configurable time card rules, custom time codes, and allows the construction of organization-specific rules. Usability, mobility, security, real-time updates, and seamless integration are just a few of the basics that come with ABILITY SMARTFORCE Attendance.

  • Staff can punch in and out from their mobile device

  • Executive dashboards provide data by organization, with option to drill down by facility, department or unit

  • Flexible rules promote compliance with policies, department-specific rules or labor contract commitments

  • Enterprise-wide application works for all departments to standardize approach

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Does staff need a separate application to clock in?

No! As long as staff already has ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler on their device, they can use that to clock in.

How can I trust staff are clocking in from the appropriate location?

The application recognizes a fixed location, with a range of just a few feet, so you can always see where an employee has clocked in.

What happens if a manager changes a shift start time or cancels a shift?

No problem! Staff will receive an alert of any schedule changes before they clock in.

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Knowledge is power! Check out this additional content for insight about how your organization can benefit from ABILITY software.