Manage revenue with confidence

ABILITY UBWATCH helps skilled nursing facilities detect unintended billing patterns and avoid suspended claims, CMS audits, demand for repayments, False Claim Act issues, under/over billing and other missed opportunities that may results in lower revenue.

Enhance your billing processes

Submit cleaner claims

Find unintended billing patterns before claims are submitted; coordinate clinical MDS and financial UB records and identify ways to resolve clinical and billing discrepancies before submitting a claim

Drive revenue

Find untapped, justifiable revenues using the RUG Potential tool; view your RUG groups before transmitting your assessments and plan ahead for the next MDS

Minimize audit risk

Get alerts about billing that's unsupported by the underlying MDS; receive exceptions alerts that allow corrections to be made prior to submitting claims, minimizing delays and revenue reductions

ABILITY Universal Billing Claims Management

Using a system of logic designed specifically for Universal Bills claims, ABILITY UBWATCH methodically reviews each UB prior to submission and alerts you to any inconsistencies or potential compliance issues which may delay payment or decrease revenue.

  • Built-in triple-check process designed specifically for UB claims

  • Easy implementation, with minimal IT involvement

  • Coordinate MDS and financial UB records as well as track patterns by adding ABILITY UBWATCH to ABILITY CAREWATCH

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How does this help our Triple Check process?

With ABILITY UBWATCH, everyone has visibility to the Triple Check regardless of where they are in the facility. It’s easier to fill out the Triple Check – saving time and improving staff participation in ensuring an accurate, fully completed form.

How does this help ensure UB claim accuracy?

The MDS assessments in ABILITY CAREWATCH are matched to the UB claims in UBWATCH. When a UB claim is missing its corresponding MDS or the principal diagnosis in the claim doesn’t match the information in the corresponding MDS, ABILITY UBWATCH will flag that for you – catching claim errors prior to submission and making sure all details are aligned for proper, timely reimbursement and providing logic around the UB-04 manual for data accuracy.

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