Reduce uncompensated care with superior coverage discovery

ABILITY Insurance Discovery

Primary, secondary, tertiary – identifying all of the policies and coverages that apply to your patients is a challenging, time-consuming job. And the results show on the balance sheet.

Now more than ever, it’s important to discover all of the coverage that applies to your patients, not just the first one that shows up.

ABILITY Insurance Discovery reduces uncompensated care and underpayments by identifying additional billable insurance coverage for patients. Our superior discovery tool goes above and beyond to identify more complex cases involving multiple commercial and government payers, which means more reimbursement dollars for you.

Advantages for your organization

  • Better technology yields better results

    Identify up to 20% more insurance coverage* for accounts that would have been written off as self-pay, charity or bad debt.

  • Lower A/R days and fewer denials

    Billing the appropriate parties the first time keeps claims moving and prevents reimbursement delays.

  • More in-depth searches

    Maximize reimbursements by identifying more complex cases involving multiple commercial and government payers.