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ABILITY Insurance Discovery

ABILITY Insurance Discovery

Find more coverage, improve collections

ABILITY Insurance Discovery reduces uncompensated care and underpayments by identifying additional billable insurance coverage for patients. Our superior discovery tool goes above and beyond to identify more complex cases involving multiple commercial and government payers, which means more reimbursement dollars for you.

Discover all of the coverage that applies to your patients

Better technology, better results

Identify an average of 20% more insurance coverage1 for accounts that would have been written off as self-pay, charity or bad debt.

Lower A/R days, fewer denials

Billing the appropriate parties the first time keeps claims moving and prevents reimbursement delays.

More in-depth searches

Maximize reimbursements by identifying more complex cases involving multiple commercial and government payers.

ABILITY Insurance Discovery

Primary, secondary, tertiary & identifying all of the policies and coverages that apply to your patients is a challenging, time-consuming job. And the results show on the balance sheet.

  • Collect more revenue directly from payers

  • Establish an advanced, simple workflow to find primary, secondary and tertiary coverage

  • Create a more efficient, higher-performing revenue cycle

What insurance information is returned when coverage is found?

When active coverage is identified, the plan type, member ID and MBI will appear. High-level benefit data may also appear.

Are there any payers you cannot verify coverage against, or that we need a Subscriber ID for?

Our software makes logical deductions to find insurance for a patient based on the patient and provider information. There will be some payers that are harder to locate due to the fact they require a Subscriber ID.

What is the processing time for a single inquiry?

A single inquiry takes about 15 seconds to return a response.

What is the processing time for a batch inquiry for many patients?

A batch file inquiry typically returns results in less than 24 hours. However, processing time may be affected by the size of the file, the number of patients, if any payers are down, and the number of files in the queue to be processed.

What is the implementation timeline?

The average implementation time for this application is 30 days.

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