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ABILITY CHOICE® All-Payer Claims

Claims Management Software

Speed up your revenue cycle and reduce A/R days for all your payers. ABILITY CHOICE All-Payer Claims is an easy-to-use electronic claims management application that allows users to submit, edit and receive claims for Medicare, Medicaid and more than 3,000 commercial insurance companies.

Advantages for your organization

Save time, streamline workflow

Submit claims for all or some of your payers, with 24/7 accessibility; download ERAs in 835 format or view a readable version in our portal.

Reduce errors and edit claims easily

Industry-standard rules engine flags claim errors before they're sent to the payer; easily correct and resubmit claims via the editing tool.

Get a performance snapshot

Analysis tools provide an overview of active errors, claims submitted and remittance advices you could be receiving electronically.


Streamline your claims management with a proven application that helps you work smarter, not harder! With no need to re-key data entered at patient intake, you’ll have fewer errors and less manual work.

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface reduces clicking and scrolling to perform actions and locate information

  • ICD-10 and HIPAA-compliant for correct up-to-date coding and secure transactions

  • Claims stored offsite in secure, U.S.-based data center

  • Easy implementation, with minimal IT involvement ABILITY web-based services are compatible with current versions of industry-leading browsers

Discover a new perspective

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Does your system automate the secondary claims submission process?

Yes! Secondary claims are submitted automatically.

Can this application help improve our clean claims percentage?

While every new customer has a different clean claims rate to start, we are confident we can help maintain and improve your clean claims percentage.

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