Improve Patient Access Process with ABILITY ACCELERATE

Simplifying Patient Access Throughout Health Care Delivery 


Improving Intake and the Patient Experience

What's the last thing you want your patients to do when they arrive at your health care facility?  What's the last thing your patients want to do when they arrive at your health care facility?
Fill out forms?  Wait?  Fill out more forms?  Wait some more?
Current processes make it extremely difficult for admissions personnel to pre-register patients for services.  Today they need to print out schedules for patients and navigate multiple screens for eligibility verification, duplicate medical record checking and in many cases this prevents or greatly reduces detection of billing or reimbursement issues.

Those days are over!  Now you have ABILITY to accelerate the patient access/intake process and improve the patient experience.  Getting all the right information into the system the right way so patients get the right treatment at the right time is important.

To maximize operational efficiencies would it be helpful if you had an easy to use, at-a-glance work list that prioritizes based on your criteria the patients who need immediate issues resolved prior to arriving for service—a stop looking and start working workflow and activity tracking tool?

We give you ABILITY to realize these benefits for:

Reduce admission/intake time
• Improve registration accuracy
• Increase collections
• Increase reimbursement
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Reduce denials

You can complete your work from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.  Now with ABILITY | ACCELERATE you have a workflow tool that works the way you do!




Don’t be trapped with clumsy convoluted access

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“ABILITY is one of the rare IT solutions that has patient care as a goal – and that’s our goal too at Brookings Health Systems, to make it the best patience care experience possible.”

Duane Everding, Manager Business Office


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