Disrupting the Status Quo: Staffing Based on Evidence

“Meaningful and sustainable change to traditional staffing models is a moral imperative that requires urgent collaborative action.” That call to action from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses reminds us all that when it comes to staffing in healthcare, the status quo is no longer okay. We now have decades of research and first-hand experience […]

3 Patient Billing Workflow Areas that are Costing You Money!

Is your healthcare organization losing money to inefficient patient billing workflows? You’re likely all too familiar with the losses that you can incur from write-offs and denials, but you may be surprised at the hidden costs that come with a few very common workflow issues.

5 hidden remittance problems that are holding you back — and how to fix them

How much are your remittances costing you? You may have hidden inefficiencies draining your time, labor and revenue. If any of the following issues sound familiar, you could benefit from a centralized approach. Wasted time pulling from different places How many different sources are you using to pull your remits? If your organization is like […]