In an era where bottom lines are more challenged and resource–constrained than ever, ABILITY | OPTIMIZE HOSPICE (formerly Hospice Quality Report) gives you the tools you need to identify opportunities to improve and prepare for public reporting—at a sensible price.

Take Your QAPI Program to the Next Level
You are already taking the time to submit your HIS data—why not put those numbers to work? ABILITY | OPTIMIZE HOSPICE (formerly Hospice Quality Report) gives you access to valuable data that will enable you to successfully run your QAPI program. You will be able address specific areas for improvement before your data goes public, and secure your reputation, brand equity, and relationships with referral partners.

Recognized as the industry standard for quality assurance benchmarking, the OPTIMIZE HOSPICE (formerly Hospice Quality Report) tool empowers you to track, understand, and improve by:

    • Delivering insight on details contributing to your process measure scores
    • Triggering action with concise and intelligible data
    • Showcasing metrics that enable you to make strategic connections

As the CMS Hospice Quality Reporting Program continues to evolve, ABILITY will incorporate feedback from our valued clients into OPTIMIZE HOSPICE every step of the way.

For more information or questions about OPTIMIZE HOSPICE, call 855.874.3345 or contact us.