Create renewable revenue
and enhance patient care


According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an estimated 117 million adults have one or more chronic health conditions1. By 2030, the number of older adults in the U.S. is projected to increase by almost 18 million2. Providing care for these patients extends well beyond in-person office visits, but many providers aren’t reimbursed for the additional services they provide.

A chronic care management program is essential to capture this earned revenue, which the American College of Physicians states can be more than $10,000 per month for a single provider practice with 235 eligible patients3.

ABILITY NAVIGATOR CCM is an easy-to-use chronic care management program that can help providers achieve a sustainable revenue stream while delivering high-quality patient care.

Our application takes the stress out of implementing a chronic care program by identifying eligible patients, tracking enrollment and care coordination activities, and even suggests CPT codes based on the care documented in the application. CPT codes include 99490, 99491, 99487, 99489, and G2058.

ABILITY NAVIGATOR CCM makes CCM simple. Discover how easily our application can fold into your office workflows.

Core benefits

  • Boost your revenue cycle

    Identify more CCM-eligible patients, maximize revenue collection with fewer denials, reduce administrative costs with a simple automated process. Now, even designated clinicians can bill for non-face-to-face CCM services.

  • Improve patient care

    Identify higher-risk Medicare patients who have multiple chronic conditions and enhance coordination of care with an efficient CCM process.

  • Streamline compliance and documentation

    Quickly verify patient eligibility and enrollment in CCM, easily track which patients require CCM activities each month and maintain accurate documentation of the time spent on each patient.

  • Measure program performance

    Enhanced reporting provides program performance data that gives your practice insight to manage your program and make important decisions to optimize patient care and reimbursement for your time.

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