Simplify your Medicare eligibility and claims management

Keeping track of patient eligibility and fixing and re-submitting claims are time-consuming, complicated processes. All of which can mean delayed or lost revenue for healthcare providers and services like yours.

ABILITY services accelerate and simplify time-consuming reimbursement processes and can save you thousands of dollars.

What can we do for you?

It takes so much effort to check Medicare eligibility. The response from my current vendor is incomplete, or else I miss something because there’s so much info to wade through. It’s just too easy to miss important eligibility info.

ABILITY ANSWER: ABILITY | CHOICE Medicare Eligibility provides fast, detailed eligibility status and medical benefit information, without login IDs and passwords, and without wading through multiple pages of information for each patient. You are in control: create and save filters for just the information you’re looking for. Plus, you can submit inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and receive real-time responses.

When I get a stack of patients that need eligibility to be validated, I know it’s going to take forever to check them all. I’m always afraid I’m going to miss something when the process is so tedious and time-consuming to check every patient with every payer.

With ABILITY | COMPLETE, you use a single-login interface to enter each patient (back to back), and with the click of a button send out a batch verification request for a single payer. Or, check one patient’s status with multiple payers, simultaneously. Or — check multiple patients, with multiple payers! Think about the time you’ll be saving.

Our dial-up connection is low-cost, but I’m spending an awful lot of time dealing with ever-changing passwords, disconnects and slow transmission times. Plus, I know that dial-up connectivity will soon be eliminated entirely for EDI transactions.

ABILITY ANSWER: ABILITY | CHOICE Medicare Claims can quickly increase your staffing efficiency by giving you a single interface in which to upload Medicare claims and download your remittance advice. And if you’re still using dial-up, you’ll love how much easier and more cost-effective web-based connections can be!

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“The time saved by simply reviewing a summary and then clicking on the patient’s name to jump to the claim in question is immeasurable. The accuracy of corrections is 100%, and the worry-free approach is exceptional.”

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