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Simplify time-consuming insurance eligibility checks

Would you call your eligibility verification process “efficient”? There are so many steps, when each patient might have Medicaid, a Medicare plan, or one of hundreds of other insurances to check. In your current system, you might have to move in and out of DDE for each payer.

Take back your time. ABILITY | COMPLETE™ gives you single sign-on access to eligibility verification from Medicare, Medicaid, and over 400 commercial payers. And, you’ll receive alerts automatically if there’s a coverage overlap. Batch features allow you to enter multiple patients and check multiple payers – all in one step.

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I spend huge amounts of time tracking down all the relevant eligibility info on a patient. Every single time, I have to access several sections of DDE to get a comprehensive picture. I have to go into all these portals and use a different login process for each payer. I keep a folder handy with all the different payers’ requirements.

ABILITY ANSWER: ABILITY | COMPLETE gives you a single, easy-to-use interface presented in a standard format regardless of payer or payer class. Sign in with one username and password to verify eligibility with Medicare, Medicaid, and over 400 commercial/private payers. You’ll get information on co-pays, termination dates, deductibles and coinsurance. Get rid of your sticky notes – and increase efficiency and accuracy!

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When I get a stack of referrals that need to be validated, I know it’s going to take forever to look up multiple patients and multiple payers. I’m always afraid I’m going to miss something when the process is so tedious and time-consuming to check every patient with every payer.

ABILITY ANSWER: Eliminate those long sessions and repetitive tasks! Using the simple ABILITY | COMPLETE interface, you enter each patient (back to back), and with the click of a button send out a batch verification request for a single payer. Or, check one patient’s status with multiple payers, simultaneously. Or – check multiple patients, with multiple payers! Think about the time you’ll be saving.

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Re-validation is another frustrating task, because changes in eligibility status are so easy to miss. I know it’s important to confirm insurance benefits periodically for our patients, but who knows how often to do it? If we miss a change, it can delay reimbursements and really mess up our patients’ bills.

ABILITY ANSWER: With ABILITY | COMPLETE you can set up automated sweeps that check the eligibility of your entire patient census, giving you status alerts when coverage changes or switches to non-eligibility. You also receive alerts with visual cues for failed eligibility or other follow-up items that need attention. Bill the correct payer the first time!

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