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Skilled nursing facilities can have many locations, with many staff. But even with a single facility, keeping up with patient eligibility is full of twists and turns.

You can stay on track with patient eligibility by using the powerful workflow dashboard in ABILITY | COMPLETE. Assign and prioritize patients, payers and tasks, plus create free-form and payer-specific notes to more effectively manage multiple tasks. You can also set up and save your own custom filters and sorting options to ensure accounts receive proper follow-up and resolution.

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I oversee several locations for our organization. With all that’s on our plate, it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s tasks remotely. I wish I didn’t have to hold so many meetings to make sure we’re getting it all done.

ABILITY ANSWER: The powerful dashboard of ABILITY | COMPLETE puts you in the driver’s seat!  Manage workflow from your desktop: you can prioritize and assign patients, payers, and daily task lists to specific staff, as well set up your own reminders and notes to staff, even if they’re located at multiple facilities. Keeping track of tasks is as easy as logging into your dashboard.

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Responses from payers don’t always provide all the info we need to verify eligibility. Our admissions people are so busy, inevitably I’m the one spending time figuring out who to call to get the whole picture, and then sitting on the phone waiting for the information.

ABILITY ANSWER: The workflow dashboard for ABILITY | COMPLETE gives you the ability to add notes to a payer’s eligibility response (for example, whether or not that payer requires pre-authorization, the phone number you need to call to verify, reminders, payer contact information, etc.). You or your staff can receive customized reminders and payer specific requirements – and decrease time spent on the phone.

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Instead of everybody seeing everything, it would be great if staff users could filter down to just the info they need.
I know people would be happier if they didn’t have to wade through everything to get the info they need.

ABILITY ANSWER: ABILITY | COMPLETE gives you the control you want. Users can create personalized filters for the pieces of information they most often check. Users can also create follow-up indicators on patients for other departments or users. More ease and control for you!

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