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Patients are under financial pressure like never before to pay a greater share of their healthcare costs through higher deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance. For many healthcare providers, patient payments can account for as much as a third of overall revenue. Offering patient solutions that address this challenge strengthens your competitive advantage.


24/7 online payments

A branded, self-service addition to the provider website requires no extra login. Consumers can make payments, request flexible payment plans and authorize card-on-file payments.

Point-of-service payments

Your customers can accept credit/debit/HSA cards, checks and cash. Processing accommodates chip, encrypted swipe, contactless card processing, check scanners and mobile processing.

Better revenue management

100% of real-time patient payment data resides on one platform, with functionality to create standard and custom reports. Plus, ABILITY | SECUREPAY interfaces with patient accounting or practice management systems to auto-post payments.

Reduce staff time

Improved efficiency in completing patient pay revenue receivable tasks, regardless of payment method.

As an ABILITY Strategic Partner, you can remove barriers and accelerate patient payment revenue for your clients. Healthcare organizations and providers who are empowered with a full set of payment options are more likely to be paid, reduce A/R and increase both patient and staff satisfaction.

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