A single source for your Medicare and commercial EDI needs

ABILITY gives you one easy solution for Medicare and commercial payers, through HIPAA-compliant APIs embedded directly into your own software. Reduce your organization’s development and support costs by partnering with ABILITY to easily integrate services within your platform.

API Development Toolkits


All-payer eligibility, claims, remittance & esMD. Direct API connectivity to our clearinghouse for commercial payer claims submission and claims editing. REST- and SOAP-based all-payer eligibility and benefits verification. Responses included are X12, XML and HTML

Direct connection to Medicare for electronic claim submission and remittance. Let us simplify programmatic access to Medicare systems (FISS/DDE, PPTN, CSI and the Common Working File) as well as Medicare credential management for all of your users

Certification of Medical Necessity determination and “Same & Similar” checks for DME

Notice of Election (NOE) & Notice of Termination and Revocation (NOTR). Create and update this hospice data in DDE


  • Service Development Toolkit (SDK) at your disposal for rapid development
  • Fully interactive UAT environment
  • Advanced technical support representatives

  • Proactive handling of industry changes
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of EDI issues
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