Streamlined EDI infrastructure and managed services

ABILITY | Secure Exchange Platform (SEP)

We’ve got you covered! The ABILITY Secure Exchange Platform gives you the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively transmit, track and process your claims and eligibility to  Medicare and thousands of other payers. The Secure Exchange Platform from ABILITY starts by giving you a centralized aggregation point for automating all your EDI workflow and connectivity through the ABILITY Secure Exchange Platform.

In addition, the Secure Exchange Platform seamlessly handles all MAC updates and password management; ensures consistent technical performance; and provides the peace of mind you want, thanks to our decades of experience delivering the highest standards for security and reliability. ABILITY provides you large-volume Medicare and all-payer access with “low-volume” administration, across all EDI services.

You are the experts in claims and eligibility processing. With the Secure Exchange Platform for Medicare and all-payer claims and eligibility, you’ll not only become more efficient, you’ll also improve cash flow and maximize your revenue.

Easy access to all workflow and connectivity