Next-generation RCM tools for your customers

ABILITY | ACCESS RCM is a comprehensive claims submission and remittance management application that can be integrated into your software to give your product higher first-pass acceptance rates, faster delivery to payers, and superior denial management.

With easily deployed custom business rules, ABILITY | ACCESS RCM gives your team the capability to tailor the system to your needs. It also stays current with even the most complicated rule sets, helping your product stay cutting-edge.

With superior claim scrubbing, more complete documentation, and better visibility into the entire workflow, ABILITY | ACCESS RCM helps eliminate administrative burdens and improve the bottom line for your users.


Because we know your customers count on you to keep their businesses running smoothly, you can count on us. ABILITY provides Strategic Partners with a dedicated team of advanced technical support representatives who understand the unique needs of the IT healthcare business. In addition, ABILITY has dedicated internal staff who work closely with Medicare and other payers to understand and proactively address industry changes. We quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues as they arise so you don’t have to.