Marketing Creative Brief

Marketing Creative Brief


Project | purpose and objective

What is the reason we are taking this on?*

What do you hope to achieve? (Example: Differentiate product in the market, highlight an application capability, cross-sell an ABILITY application, increase application awareness, etc.)*


Project Copy Outline:*

Key point(s):*

CTA for drivers such as emails and ads (link, phone number and/or email address): *

CTA for primary content piece/destination such as flipbook or landing page (link, phone number and/or email address): *

User Journey:
(e.g.: Workspace Ad (proj #) > Content Offer (link or proj. #) > Landing Page (link or proj. #) > Demo) *

Target Audience

Which LOB(s) (Line of Business) and/or market segments?

Will this be conclusive for the Marketo send audience as well?

What are they most concerned about?

How are they currently addressing this need?

Attitude | style and tone

(Checkboxes to come with completed personas)

Deliverables & Format

Notes to Content:

Notes to Creative:

Notes to Digital:

Copy Research / Inspiration


Ability Internal Information

Streams for Uberflip:

Notes to Content:

Additional notes: