Innovative healthcare scheduling

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Staff scheduling, simplified

ABILITY SMARTFORCE is a SaaS-based application for healthcare scheduling, open shift management and credentialing. It revamps a typical schedule across single units, departments, facilities and enterprises — making it easier to manage, engage and retain staff.

Take the chaos and cost out of scheduling

  • Identify the need to flex staff proactively with predictive analytics
  • Empower staff to choose the open shifts they want straight from the mobile app
  • Communicate with staff about available shifts and PTO via easy individual and team-wide messaging
  • Assign shifts based on organization-defined criteria such as overtime status, seniority and preferred ratios


Staff is your most valuable resource. It is the lifeforce of healthcare, but labor management often requires significant time and expenses.

ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler can help you overcome staffing challenges. It helps fill every shift on time with the right ratios, turning hours of staff scheduling into minutes of planning.

This efficient, easy-to-use healthcare staff scheduling software better utilizes resources to lower overtime costs and agency spending, encourages engagement in the scheduling process and provides detailed staffing reports. It brings everything together to drive collaborative, data-driven staffing decisions.


Data-driven healthcare scheduling

Leverage an accurate predictive census to proactively set schedules — no more manual calculations or second-guessing.


Efficient, cost-effective processes

In-app notifications identify open shifts and all qualified, available staff who can be assigned. Then, push messaging turns individual calls into one shift alert — resulting in reduced overtime and agency use, at less effort.


Highly scalable

Less complex scheduling can be implemented in two weeks. For large enterprises, we provide a well-planned, methodical deployment that positions your organization for success.


Safe, equitable workloads

Ensure proper staff-to-patient ratios to minimize stress and burnout, prevent mistakes and injuries, and maintain quality patient care.


ABILITY SMARTFORCE at Summit Medical Group streamlines staffing, improves communication, contributes to greater efficiency and ultimately produces more time for patient care.”

- Karen Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Medical Group

Karen Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Medical Group

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Who we support

ABILITY is proud to support scheduling across healthcare, from small clinics to large hospitals and senior care organizations.

Hospitals and health systems

Servicing care centers of less than 50 beds to large organizations with multiple locations, we’re helping acute care leaders eliminate nurse scheduling stressors.

Behavioral and mental health groups

From small practices to big teams, caregivers at every level and supporting staff can see their schedules in one staff scheduling software for healthcare.

Skilled nursing facilities

Check every box — safe ratios, balanced workloads and last-minute shift needs — from a single nurse scheduling app to support staff and resident success.