Innovative healthcare scheduling

See how the right nurse scheduling software can transform a team


ABILITY SMARTFORCE is a SaaS-based healthcare scheduling software, open shift management and credentialing. It revamps a typical nurse schedule across single units, departments, facilities and enterprises – making it easier to manage, engage and retain staff.

Learn Why We Are The Choice For Healthcare Staff Scheduling

Organizations can save money by reducing or eliminating overtime issues, temporary labor costs and high employee turnover. Save time and effort with a tool that auto-calculates the correct staffing based on defined ratios, to help managers avoid under- or over-staffing.

Data-driven healthcare scheduling

Leverage an accurate predictive census to proactively set nurse schedules – no more manual calculations or second-guessing.

Safe, equitable workloads

Ensure staffing is at safe levels and balanced among nurses to avoid fatigue, while empowering team members to put their skills to use with scheduling assignments at the top of their license.

Overcome Staffing Challenges

ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler can help you overcome staffing challenges. It helps fill every shift on time with the right ratios, turning hours of staff scheduling into minutes of planning.

Efficient, cost-effective processes

In-app notifications identify open shifts and all qualified, available staff who can be assigned. Then, push messaging turns individual calls into one shift alert – resulting in reduced overtime and agency use, at less effort.

Easy implementation

With an average implementation time of two weeks, we commit to getting you up and running right away. ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler requires minimal training and support is always ready to help your healthcare scheduling succeed.

Enterprise-wide visibility

Schedule all caregivers for all types of settings from one healthcare scheduling application. Assign nurses, housekeeping, nutrition and even volunteers to inpatient, ancillary departments and ambulatory.


ABILITY SMARTFORCE at Summit Medical Group streamlines staffing, improves communication, contributes to greater efficiency and ultimately, produces more time for patient care.”

- Karen Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Medical Group

Karen Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Medical Group

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Take the chaos and cost out of scheduling

Staff is your most valuable resource. It is the lifeforce of healthcare, but labor management often requires significant time and expenses.

  • Identify open shifts proactively with predictive analytics
  • Empower staff to choose the open shifts they want straight from the mobile app
  • Communicate with staff about available shifts and PTO via easy individual and team-wide messaging
  • Assign shifts based on organization-defined criteria such as overtime status, seniority and preferred ratios

ABILITY SMARTFORCE Is Ideal for All Types of Healthcare Facilities

ABILITY is proud to support scheduling across healthcare, from small clinics to large hospitals and senior care organizations.

Hospitals and health systems

Servicing care centers of less than 50 beds to large organizations with multiple locations, we’re helping acute care leaders eliminate nurse scheduling stressors.

Behavioral and mental health groups

From small practices to big teams, caregivers at every level and supporting staff can see their schedules in one staff scheduling software for healthcare.

Skilled nursing facilities

Check every box – safe ratios, balanced workloads and last-minute shift needs – from a single nurse scheduling app to support staff and resident success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring census data into the scheduling system and flex staff schedules as census fluctuates?

Yes. ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler has predictive census tools that enable the staffing team to offer nurses more flexibility as census fluctuates. This gives staff more time to accommodate requests for time off and shift trades.

How does this handle open shift management?

Our scheduling system allows you to send messages regarding an open shift to all qualified staff for that shift at once – turning individual texts and phone calls into a single, quick communication. This easily fills last minute vacancies and call-outs in a streamlined manner, supported by a robust mobile application.

Can this application manage shift swaps?

Yes! Staff can make PTO requests, shift swap requests and requests to fill an open shift in the mobile version of ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler. Plus, the application synchs to personal calendars to easily balance personal and work commitments.

Can this application manage employee communications or is it just for checking schedules?

Mass communications and individual team member communications are supported within ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler, along with its scheduling capabilities. Managers and staff can communicate via text and email about important notifications, shift requests, open shifts and more.

Can the system be set up differently for different units or departments?

Yes! ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler supports the different shifts and business requirements across the various settings in your organization. You control the configurations, which are easy to set up.

Does this integrate with other time and attendance systems?

Yes! ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler easily shares data with other HR and time and attendance systems such as Kronos, Lawson, ADP and PeopleSoft.

Can this healthcare scheduling software manage different types of staff and settings?

Yes! ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler can schedule all types of departments, roles and locations.

Can this healthcare staff scheduling software track overtime?

Yes! ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler proactively identifies overtime in schedules. It auto-calculates the correct staffing based on defined rations and helps ensure you are not under- or over-staffed. This stops overtime before it even happens.