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What is ABILITY Virtual Care?

This powerful application maximizes your productivity by keeping all steps of virtual patient visits in one place. Schedule confirm and host meetings with ease and perform key eligibility, registration, claims management and patient payment tasks efficiently.

ABILITY Virtual Care software

Discover a user-friendly, centralized platform for more efficient, effective telehealth work.

  • Manage pre-visit scheduling, reminders and confirmations in one place
  • Verify eligibility prior to visit and submit claims within an integrated workflow
  • Enjoy a clean, simple interface to focus on patients without distractions

Benefits of ABILITY Virtual Care

ABILITY Virtual Care is more than a meeting platform. This is telehealth software that has been carefully developed to meet every need of the digital care journey from start to finish.

Automated patient reminders simplify appointment confirmations. Pre-appointment device verification ensures every patient is prepared for their visit, eliminating technical frustrations and allowing all meeting participants to focus on the most important matter at hand: improving care outcomes. Beyond each session, eligibility, claims and patient payment capabilities are only a few clicks away, and a dedicated ABILITY support team is ready to resolve any issues that may arise.


Centralized, smoother workflow

Say goodbye to the hassle of billing for telehealth services. Track every successful appointment then submit claims for virtual sessions within the application for an uninterrupted workflow from visit to claims management.


Comprehensive patient profile

Maintain a full view of each patient’s information, including their demographics, status and date of their most recent eligibility check and all-payer coverage identification with secondary and tertiary details when applicable.


HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth

Trust patient information is secure. ABILITY Virtual Care is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Simple appointment setting

Create and adjust meetings for all providers offering online visits in one dashboard. Once each appointment is created, the telehealth software takes care of the rest – sending out automatic text or email reminders to confirm each visit. Plus, easily host group sessions and invite additional people to an appointment if needed.


ABILITY Virtual Care protected our revenue and our patient’s privacy. Instead of losing revenue during a time when everyone was experiencing a downturn, [with ABILITY Virtual Care] we’ve stayed busy. As long as payers continue to honor telehealth services, it will continue to be an integrated part of our practice’s service offerings.

- Southwest Family Medicine - Littleton, CO

Southwest Family Medicine - Littleton, CO

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Who ABILITY supports

ABILITY is proud to support customers ranging from small clinics and physicians to large hospitals and senior care organizations

Physicians and specialists

Primary care providers, specialty practices, mental health, urgent care, surgery centers and more – our telehealth software is ready to facilitate patient visits across the continuum of care.

Small clinics and large hospitals

Servicing care centers of less than 50 beds to large organizations with multiple locations, we’re helping acute care leaders enhance telehealth services at scale.

Senior care organizations

You can trust your residents are receiving the best care possible in the most efficient manner. This is a telehealth platform with simplicity built into every step.