The ABILITY Strategic Partner Program

Revenue Cycle Technology, Healthcare Data and Analytics, and Medicare Network Service Vendor Solutions

A Partner-Centric Approach

Leverage our API, data and decades of expertise to bring value to your customers. Partnering with ABILITY gives you and your customers access to new and novel solutions for revenue cycle management, healthcare data and analytics, Medicare connectivity and more. Whether you prefer to work with our best-in-class workflow UI or leverage our APIs as the engine behind the scenes, we are committed to providing a stable, reliable, and secure service alongside a team of subject matter experts to help you get to market quickly!

Your product + our technology = satisfied customers

ABILITY gives its Strategic Partners the technology, connections and data to power their products and services. When you partner with us, we’ll aim to create a seamless working relationship that combines your industry expertise with our best-in-class technology.

We combine your product with our technology in five key areas:


All-payer revenue cycle management (RCM)

ABILITY applications help simplify every aspect of RCM. Your customers will reduce A/R days, speed up their revenue cycle, get higher first-pass acceptance rates and deliver faster to payers. A single API connection gives access to time saving tools like insurance discover, automated MBI lookups, and continuous updates to meet regulatory standards.


Medicare-direct connectivity

Help customers overcome Medicare’s DDE complexity and programming requirements. Our REST-based toolkit bundles DDE connectivity, XML data mapping and support into one API that provides programmatic data retrieval from the Medicare Shared Systems.


Post-acute quality measures and reporting

Skilled nursing facilities: Improve quality measures and enterprise reporting by detecting MDS issues and reducing citations.

Home health and hospice: Access development toolkits and analytic tools that boost OASIS accuracy and predictive analytics capabilities.


Workforce management

ABILITY simplifies the scheduling process. With our fully mobile, next-generation scheduling application, your customers can manage schedules, fill shifts, notify staff and monitor overtime right from their mobile phone.


API development toolkits

ABILITY provides tools that make development easier, and our unique API is no exception. Our cloud-based, EMR/EHR-integrated API comes with a modern developer toolkit (e.g., Swagger environment, Postman collection, sandbox with de-identified data).

Benefits of the ABILITY ACCESS API

Easily connect to all ABILITY applications through just one API including:


Provide a seamless, real-time eligibility workflow to help customers understand payer coverage and patient responsibility at the forefront of care.


Provide your customers with comprehensive claims submission and remittance management that simplifies all Medicare and commercial payer claims.


An upgraded API toolkit eases Medicare integration headaches by offering customers easier access to Medicare’s DDE system.

Choose your partnership style

We’re here to help you reach your goals by being responsive, flexible and creative. Each format provides a true partnership, a dedicated support team and industry-leading security measures. Learn more about how we can help your organization.

Performance-based Partner

By working together, ABILITY and your business can create an integrated end-user experience for our mutual customers to drive sales, shorten the buying cycle, increase retention, and increase net new logo Partner sales through stickier solutions for both ABILITY and your business.

Wholesale Partner

Join the over 600 healthcare data and technology companies that integrate our services within their platforms. Embed our workflow and connectivity solutions in your applications to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

ABILITY Strategic Partners: