Actionable insights deliver the best outcomes

Make smarter staffing decisions with an innovative command center


Take full advantage of the workforce data in ABILITY SMARTFORCE to drive smart staff scheduling decisions. The Staffing Insights module synthesizes complex data and delivers insights in easy-to-use dashboards. Your team can effectively make staffing choices that balance cost containment and staff engagement.

Control labor costs

Budgets are tight, and labor is your biggest operating expense. The Staffing Insights module helps you manage budgets and productivity so you can protect your bottom line.

Optimize staff scheduling

Ensure staff are working up to their commitments, manage open shifts and staff accurately based on patient needs – the Staffing Insights module helps you keep it all on track.

Protect your staff

What if you could prevent burnout before it happened? The Staffing Insights module alerts you when the research-backed metrics indicate your staff are at risk of burnout and turnover.


Implementing ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler has been, hands down, the most immediate value-added business solution and user-friendly technology I’ve been a part of in 25 years of healthcare operations.

- Holly Shepherd, regional director of operations, Providence Home & Community Care

Holly Shepherd, regional director of operations, Providence Home & Community Care

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Boost productivity and increase engagement

You need analytics tools that support your staff scheduling strategies. With the Staffing Insights module, large volumes of data are analyzed according to your specifications and presented based on your preferences. Those valuable insights drive workforce decisions that build long-term sustainability.


Turn data into action

Give your team power to act preemptively to improve outcomes. This command center processes complex data and delivers
consolidated dashboards.


Enable accountability

Provide filtered views to your team so everyone has the exact information they need to fulfill their responsibilities and work collaboratively.


Manage risk

The Staffing Insights module tracks and analyzes attendance, overtime, and PTO metrics so you can identify employees who may be dissatisfied.


Boost productivity

Easy-to-read dashboards help you manage staff commitments, oversee budgets, track labor distribution and address low productivity levels.

Industries we support

Across healthcare, our clients are managing their workforce to achieve better cost containment, staff engagement and clinical outcomes.


Patient dynamics and staffing needs change quickly. With ABILITY SMARTFORCE, your scheduling decisions will be able to keep up so your staff and your patients have a better experience.


You want your providers to maximize their time while providing high-quality care. Make decisions that optimize your staffing resources with ABILITY SMARTFORCE.


Your staff is valuable, and you need to help them achieve a better work/life balance. ABILITY SMARTFORCE enables collaborative scheduling processes that foster staff engagement every step of the way.