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Discover the impact of innovative, automated scheduling

Staff schedules, simplified

ABILITY SMARTFORCE is a cloud-based, mobile approach to 24/7/365 staff scheduling. The system streamlines the creation of long-range schedules and daily operations – allowing you to better manage, engage and retain staff.


Your staff is your most valuable and most costly resource. You can’t afford to use time-consuming, inaccurate processes to manage them.

With ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler, you can get overtime under control, staff can easily participate in the scheduling process and data is no longer buried and hard to find. Everything comes together to support collaborative, data-driven staffing decisions.


Create schedules months in advance

Easily create schedules several months out so you and your staff know what to expect. No more time-consuming, frustrating schedule
creation processes.


Engage staff in the process

Staff appreciate having a say in their own schedule. Using the mobile app gives them the opportunity to request time off, trade shifts with co-workers and volunteer to fill schedule gaps.


Manage overtime effectively

With a clear picture of who’s approaching overtime and who’s not, supervisors can manage coverage and costs with ease. Overtime is a strategic choice, not an unwelcome surprise.


Treat all staff equitably

With a manual system, it’s nearly impossible to remember whose turn it is to work the holiday or weekend. Automation ensures that staffing policies are applied consistently so schedules are fair.


Implement the system quickly

With an average implementation time of two weeks, our applications get you up and running right away. ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler requires minimal training, and support is
always available.


ABILITY SMARTFORCE is very user-friendly and easy to learn. We went from online live to 200 employees fully trained in one week.

- Sterling Bronson, Salt Lake Behavioral Health, UHS

Sterling Bronson, Salt Lake Behavioral Health, UHS

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Who we support

ABILITY is proud to support organizations that manage the complexities of scheduling in a 24/7/365 environment.

Public safety organizations

The people who provide safety and security to the community deserve a scheduling system that delivers equity and reliability.

Healthcare providers

From acute care hospitals to clinics and ambulatory care centers, we’re helping healthcare leaders eliminate scheduling stressors.

Behavioral and mental health groups

From small practices to big teams, caregivers and supporting staff can see their schedules in a single workforce management system.

Take the chaos and cost out of scheduling

  • Create long-term schedules that treat all staff equitably, with fair application of holiday and weekend staffing policies
  • Empower staff to choose the open shifts they want in the mobile app
  • Communicate with staff about available shifts and PTO via easy individual and team-wide messaging