SNF quality management simplified

Leverage the power of technology and clinical analytics


This powerful skilled nursing software streamlines quality management, delivering PDPM tools and clinical analytics that help post-acute organizations capture revenue and optimize clinical, financial and operational outcomes.



Navigate a changing regulatory landscape and steer your organization’s quality performance in the right direction with one easy-to-use skilled nursing software platform that offers:

  • Real-time quality performance monitoring
  • A QM Benchmark dashboard to track performance
  • Automated data collection and reporting processes
  • A PDPM calculator to predict and optimize revenue

Benefits for your organization

With ABILITY CAREWATCH, you can leverage actionable, data-driven insights to earn higher reimbursements, improve outcomes and simplify quality management.

At your fingertips, you will have access to user-friendly tools to enhance survey preparedness and submit more accurate MDS assessments and cleaner claims with a streamlined Triple Check process that optimizes PDPM payments, reduces the risk of federal tags and monitors SNF star ratings in real time.

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on care – the way it should be.


Enhanced MDS accuracy

With advanced SNF data analytics and real-time quality performance monitoring, you’re notified of inconsistencies before MDS submission. Logic flags alert you when there are changes from assessment to assessment.


Daily revenue projections

Identify opportunities to improve financial performance with MDS software that offers real-time, actionable insights. Monitor financial impact with a built-in PDPM tool that projects revenue for each day of a resident’s stay.


Better regulatory compliance

Align your processes with the latest regulatory requirements, ensure clinical data is consistent with the care provided, spot risks for federal tags, quickly identify errors for resolution and boost survey preparedness.


Quality measure benchmarking

Track, trend and monitor quality measures and SNF star ratings with reports and charts that show how your facility is performing in comparison to state norms and other ABILITY CAREWATCH facilities.


Improved SNF resident outcomes

Access historic and current patient-level data to monitor clinical status and identify interventions to improve care, quality of life and SNF resident outcomes.


Every number generated through the software represents a resident – and improving the numbers improves the quality of care our residents receive.

- Renee Galeassi | Clinical Compliance Manager, John Knox Village

Renee Galeassi | Clinical Compliance Manager, John Knox Village

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ABILITY helps post-acute organizations across the U.S. optimize clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

Skilled nursing facilities

You can count on us to help you stay competitive by simplifying the complexities of delivering quality care, managing regulatory compliance and boosting your SNF star ratings.

Long-term care hospitals

By moving from paper-based to automated quality management processes, your LTCH can improve clinical care, streamline transitions of care and reduce operating costs.

Inpatient rehabilitation facilities

Ensure that your medically complex patient population receives appropriate levels of care, and your IRF receives the right reimbursements with analytics to proactively manage care.