Capture more patient payments

Increase revenue with an end-to-end healthcare payment system

ABILITY SECUREPAY and Patient Statements

Maximize revenue without devoting countless biller hours to chasing patient payments. Automate payment plans and reminders. Remove payment barriers by giving patients more options to pay when and how they prefer.

Take your patient payment and statement services to the next level

  • Automated payment plans
  • Convenient payment options
  • Sleek statements with eStatement capabilities
  • Custom messaging for individual or all statements

Save time. Increase cash flow.

Are your patient payment services working for you or against you? Discover a simpler way to receive more patient payments with less work. ABILITY SECUREPAY and Patient Statements make it easy for patients to pay what they owe with 24/7 online payment options, automated scheduled payments, easy-to-read branded statements and eStatement capabilities.


Simplified processing

Streamline patient payment processing with a comprehensive patient payment application. Capture more revenue by helping patients pay their bills with convenient, automated payment plans and 24/7 online payments.


Greater efficiency

Unburden billers with one patient payment platform for all payments and patient statements. Encourage on-time payments by simplifying the payment process. Send branded patient statements via email with direct links to your payment portal.


Expanded revenue

Increase revenue with online payments, automated payment plans and enhanced statement services. Enhance patient communication and encourage more on-time payments with options to customize individual or batch statements.


We have so much more information available to us with ABILITY SECUREPAY than with our previous service. It’s offering our patients more flexibility, and happier patients are much more pleasant for our billing office to deal with.

- Kurt A. | Revenue Cycle Manager, National Imaging Center

Kurt A. | Revenue Cycle Manager, National Imaging Center

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Who ABILITY supports

Simplify billing and improve the patient experience with end-to-end patient payment and statement services.


Free up time to focus on what matters most – your patients, not their bills.

Ambulatory healthcare facilities

Increase cash flow while decreasing overhead with automated payment and statement capabilities.

Billing services

Increase billing office efficiency and give billers more time to focus on more profitable tasks.