Simplified, automated Medicare billing

Save time, get paid faster, and improve your cash flow

There’s a better way

Take control of your Medicare billing. ABILITY EASE Medicare helps providers (including home health agencies, hospices, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and FQHCs) automate their Medicare billing management.

Timely reimbursements are critical to your revenue cycle. Are you ready to simplify Medicare claims? We can help.

  • Stay ahead of eligibility and coverage changes
  • Increase productivity through automation
  • Gain visibility of claims status and issues
  • Keep reimbursements moving by streamlining corrections

Benefits of ABILITY EASE Medicare

ABILITY EASE Medicare streamlines and automates the Medicare claims billing process. Get paid faster and stay on track from eligibility verification to payment. Gain visibility over your entire claims management process and maintain strong cash flow.


Eliminate delayed and lost revenue

Automate time-consuming processes: checking Medicare eligibility, tracking claims status, fixing rejected claims and more. Keep reimbursements moving by streamlining corrections. Quickly react to “T” status or unpaid claims.


Clarify and control Medicare billing

Manage cash flow projections with easy workflow and user-friendly reports. Plan and forecast more accurately with timely information on key performance indicators (KPIs) and awareness of potential revenue leakage.


Stay on top of changes

Get automatic checks to verify Medicare eligibility status and Medicare as a secondary payer. Receive alerts when eligibility changes from traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage.


Automate ADR, RAC processes

Receive automated alerts for ADRs and RAC audits. Upload and submit HIPAA-compliant documents. Manage and track the status of ADR responses, RAC audits and appeals through a single online dashboard.


Simplify Medicare claims corrections

Save time with an easy-to-navigate user interface. Address issues immediately with flags, alerts and correction guidance. Avoid the 14-day Medicare turnaround by directly submitting changes.


“The layout and the ease of using [ABILITY EASE Medicare] — it’s so simple. I love it. The staff loves it. It’s a whole lot better than what we had before.”

- Niki Knapp, Assistant Business Office Manager

Niki Knapp, Assistant Business Office Manager

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Join our clients who are saving time, getting paid faster and minimizing uncompensated care.


From patient check-in and eligibility verification to claims processing and collecting patient payments, ABILITY applications help hospitals and health systems large and small to take control of their revenue cycle management.


ABILITY specializes in helping ambulatory providers submit cleaner claims to prevent reimbursement delays and streamline the flow between providers and commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid.


From streamlining PDPM and PDGM billing and correcting claims, to increasing overall staff efficiency and accurately projecting cash flow, ABILITY applications keep post-acute organizations one step ahead.