Comprehensive insurance discovery

Get an average of 39.5% insurance ID matches on uninsured accounts*

What is ABILITY Insurance Discovery?

ABILITY Insurance Discovery identifies all available insurance coverage for patients, reducing uncompensated care and underpayments in healthcare. Find more coverage to reduce self-pay patients, charity and bad debt write-offs.

Benefits for your organization

More coverage equals less money left on the table. ABILITY Insurance Discovery provides quick, efficient coverage checks. Improve your RCM from the start and create better results for staff and patients.


Collect more revenue from payers

Many insurance discovery services stop after identifying one form of coverage. ABILITY Insurance Discovery identifies primary, secondary and tertiary coverage, not just the first one to appear.


Reduce days in A/R

Avoid downstream denials and rejections by identifying all coverage information from the point of initial patient access.


Recover lost revenue

Move more accounts from self-pay and bad debt into approved and paid claims with accurate insurance information.


Simplify your workflow

Perform large batch checks for thousands of patients and receive all active coverage information within 24 hours.


Increase patient satisfaction

Take the burden of financial responsibility off patients. Reduce the number of accounts erroneously attributed to self-pay.


With ABILITY, my staff now has more time to focus on real problems because they are not bogged down navigating the complexities of insurance.

- The Actors Fund Home AL, MC and SNF

The Actors Fund Home AL, MC and SNF

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The industries we support

Join our clients who are saving time, getting paid faster and minimizing uncompensated care.


From patient check-in and eligibility verification to claims processing and collecting patient payments, ABILITY applications help hospitals and health systems large and small take control of their revenue cycle management.

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ABILITY specializes in helping ambulatory providers submit cleaner claims to prevent reimbursement delays and streamline the flow between providers and commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid.

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From simplifying eligibility verification and correcting claims to increasing overall staff efficiency and accurately projecting cash flow, ABILITY applications keep post-acute organizations one step ahead.

ABILITY Insurance Discovery

Patient financial challenges cause revenue strain. Put payment responsibility back in the hands of payers. We can help.