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Why not claims management?

One dashboard. All your payers.

Introducing the first truly all-payer claims management dashboard.Get everything you need to manage Medicare, Medicaid and commercial claims via a single, time-saving login: audit and appeal management, business rules, payment monitoring, and status and eligibility checks.

Take back your day and keep cash flowing with ABILITY, which offers the only fully integrated all-claims management dashboard.

  • Stop toggling between systems and struggling to remember multiple logins
  • Scrub Medicare and commercial claims to achieve clean claim rates of 99% or better1
  • Automatically verify eligibility upon claim upload or anytime on demand

Key benefits

Without a solution that weaves together Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) workflows across both government and commercial payers, even the best billers struggle to stay on top of claims tracking, payer messages, and audits and appeals. ABILITY offers a level of claims management connectivity that individual Medicare or commercial payer systems simply cannot. By integrating clearinghouse functionality, direct payer connections, and DDE-scraping technology, ABILITY allows providers of any size to manage every claim from every payer, across all locations, in a single dashboard.


Centralized dashboard and analytics

Follow the entire claims process for all commercial and government payers in a single, customized dashboard. Access status checks, next steps for claims resolution (such as ADR tracking) and payment information.


Gold-standard clean claims

Achieve up to a 99% clean claims rate or better.1 If a claim is rejected by a payer, it is immediately routed to a work queue with clear correction guidance, minimizing days-to-submission.


Automated eligibility verification

Eligibility is verified during claim upload by accessing hundreds of commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid insurance databases. Issues are flagged so claims can be corrected before submission.


Single sign-in access to all payers

Log in once and manage claims for all payers, including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers. Real-time Medicare data allows you to see DDE status directly in your clearinghouse.


Proven track record

Some “all-payer” claims management solutions are actually two or more separate systems that have been recently cobbled together. ABILITY’s decades-long record of simplifying claims management makes the difference.


We were always wasting time trying to figure out what was wrong with a claim. With ABILITY, we get an error code so we can fix it and move on. With denials, we can update and resubmit them before we even get the remit back.

- Niki Knapp | Choctaw Nation Healthcare Center

Niki Knapp | Choctaw Nation Healthcare Center

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Who ABILITY supports

ABILITY is proud to help customers ranging from small clinics and physicians to large hospitals and senior care organizations.

Physicians and specialists

Primary care providers, specialty practices, mental health, urgent care, surgery centers and more – ABILITY offers a platform to streamline staff workflows and keep claims moving.

Small clinics and large hospitals

From servicing care centers with less than 50 beds to large organizations with multiple clinics, we’re helping acute care providers simplify and accelerate claims management.

Senior care organizations

With more powerful rules validation across Medicare, Medicaid and private payers, you can minimize claims management workloads and spend more time on resident and patient care.