Fast and accurate claims management

Comprehensive, cloud-based access to all your payers and claims

What is ABILITY EASE All-Payer?

Discover world-class software that supports your team and helps them find their focus. Submit claims faster, prevent errors before they happen and reduce days in A/R with productivity-enhancing automation, intuitive error-avoidance algorithms and one-portal access to all claims and payers.

ABILITY EASE All-Payer software

Get ready to power your healthcare business with integrated, advanced claims management technology.

Claim your competitive advantage

ABILITY EASE All-Payer gives you start-to-finish visibility and control across all your claims and all your payers, including Medicaid, Medicare and commercial insurers.

The application’s easy-to-use single sign-on interface is customizable and enables your team to quickly and efficiently access the eligibility, claim status and remittance information they need to keep your revenue cycle flowing.

Enjoy an unmatched clean claims rate, prevent reimbursement delays and build accurate revenue projections with this powerful application backed by ABILITY.


99% or better clean claims rate1

Keep costs under control and your revenue cycle flowing smoothly with automatic pre-filing eligibility verification and claims scrubbing. Avoid disruptive rework by getting claim submissions right the first time.


Superior claim scrubbing

ABILITY EASE All-Payer’s scrubbers are continually updated with the latest policies from government and private payers. Customizable rulesets plus built-in plain language, click-to-fix guidance makes correcting errors easy.


Streamlined, efficient workflows

Keep your team on track and maximize efficiency with event-triggered alerts and intelligent task routing. Boost revenue with automated secondary claims filing. Reduce days in A/R and write-offs through improved communications.


Start-to-finish claims tracking

Experience full claims visibility from start to finish within a single, cloud-based portal. No more switching between apps or waiting on hold. Know the status of each claim, when you’ll be paid and the reasons for any delay.


In-depth, predictive analytics

Understand your revenue cycle and set continuous improvement targets with clear, actionable reports. Flexible, customizable analytics and reporting filters put you in control of your data.


My billers are no longer touching every single claim, and we have increased our clean claims rate, so that was a huge win.

- Rachel Dallmann
Director of Patient Financial Services - Phelps Memorial Health Center

Rachel Dallmann<br/>Director of Patient Financial Services - Phelps Memorial Health Center

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Who we serve

ABILITY serves healthcare providers and facilities of all sizes. We are here to help you grow and meet your changing administrative needs.

Residential care facilities

We help skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and continuing care retirement communities stay on top of changes in coverage and rules sets and maximize revenue capture.

Hospice and home health agencies

ABILITY helps you make the most of every staff hour with streamlined processes, focused updates and alerts and smart automation. Our predictive reporting tools keep you informed about cash flow, too.

Medical billing services

Delivering accurate, efficient medical billing services for multiple providers is a complex undertaking. We help simplify the process at scale with all-payer portal access and intuitive workflows.