Introducing easy all-payer claims management

Reduce A/R days with our simple healthcare claims billing tool


This innovative claims billing solution simplifies electronic claims management by helping you keep all your revenue on track while providing valuable insights into your organization’s performance with analytical and coding tools.

About ABILITY CHOICE All-Payer Claims

Discover how electronic claims management can help keep your revenue on track with an easy-to-use claims billing solution.

  • Speed up your revenue cycle and reduce A/R days for all your payers
  • Sort, filter and edit rejected claims in one place
  • Submit cleaner claims and avoid payment delays
  • Stay ahead of ongoing changes with access to updated, current rules

I’ve increased my revenue by 15% with ABILITY CHOICE All-Payer Claims. Because I can easily identify denied claims, my overall revenue stream is faster and more continuous.

- Nicole Breck, LCSW - New York City

Nicole Breck, LCSW - New York City

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Benefits of using this application

ABILITY CHOICE All-Payer Claims is your ticket to simple claim corrections and stronger revenue. Approved by CMS as a Health Information Handler, this effective application is a trusted and proven way to simplify claims management. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface, you can easily stay on top of all your claims while reducing the need for your staff to perform manual tasks. The application allows you to submit, edit and receive Medicaid, Medicare and commercial claims for more than 3,000 insurance companies. And if you ever need assistance, you can access our dedicated ABILITY support team for help with resolving any problems or issues.


Submit claims to all your payers

Now you can have electronic claims management for submitting claims to all your payers 24/7/365 and leave paper claims behind. Easily access the simple batch upload service for processing all 837 EDI-complaint claim formats.


Key data without billing software

Whether you have access to billing software or not, you can key data directly into an electronic CMS-1500 form via a secure web portal while also having the ability to save essential information for later use.


Save time on workflows

You can conveniently download your ERAs in 835 format or view a readable version directly in the online portal. With just one click, you can easily access and process simple claim corrections in one place.


Boost efficiency and reduce errors

Improve your clean claims with our industry-standard rules engine that will flag claims errors before they are sent to a payer. When a mistake is identified, you can correct and resubmit claims directly via the editing tool.


View a snapshot of your performance

Get an overview of errors, claims submitted and remittance advices received electronically with analysis tools. Benchmark your coding and billing against that of similar providers for any diagnosis.

Who this application supports

ABILITY proudly supports providers ranging from small clinics and physicians to large hospitals and mental health organizations.


Our electronic claims management tool helps physician offices access accurate eligibility data, process Medicare and commercial claims and simplifies key tasks to facilitate patient visits and care.

Businesswoman using smatphone for analysis maketing plan, Manager calculate financial report and graph chart. Business, Finance and Accounting concepts

Ambulatory healthcare facilities

Servicing small offices to large organizations with multiple locations, we help ambulatory care leaders improve their clean claims rate and catch more claims errors prior to submission.

Businesswoman using smatphone for analysis maketing plan, Manager calculate financial report and graph chart. Business, Finance and Accounting concepts

Mental health providers

Enhanced revenue cycle claims management and workflows strengthen the profit margins of mental health providers who rely on our user-friendly healthcare claims billing tool.