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With our claims automation software, providers are reducing billing labor while capturing more revenue with a 99% or better clean claims rate1. Find out how to accelerate reimbursements with automated claims processing today.

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Working together to create a powerful, integrated experience, ABILITY EASE All-Payer and ABILITY EASE Medicare deliver the market’s first all-payer system that integrates government and commercial claims workflows and access. Inovalon integrates clearinghouse functionality, direct payer connections and DDE data to allow providers of any size to manage every claim from every payer, across all locations. All Medicare, Medicaid and commercial claims functionality is available via a single login: audit and appeal management, business rules, payment monitoring and status and eligibility checks.

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Inovalon was able to offer efficiency. With ABILITY EASE All-Payer, we switched from doing print image claims to electronic claims. The overall workflow was a huge improvement for us.

- Maggie Wilson | Patient accounting lead, Phelps Memorial Health Center, Holdredge, NE

Maggie Wilson | Patient accounting lead, Phelps Memorial Health Center, Holdredge, NE

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