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We hear it from our customers all the time why didn’t I try this before?

You might like the idea of electronic claims processing, but aren’t sure where to start. ABILITY and Florida Community Care are offering a no-risk way to put your toe in the water with immediate savings in time and money. With just a few simple steps, you will be able to process your Florida Community Care claims electronically at no cost and track your claims and payments online. We’ll walk you through an easy start-up process there’s no hardware or software to install. Once the claims start flying and payments begin landing in your bank account, you’ll realize how efficient working this way could be with hundreds of other commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid. With this offer, you don’t have to spend a dime or a lot of time to find out how electronic claims processing could change your life. Your moment has arrived! If would like someone to contact you, please click on the Get started button. Or, if you want to talk to someone right now, call an ABILITY representative at 888.895.2649.