Together, ABILITY and CareCentrix enable faster, more effective care transitions

Ready to improve your care transition process?

ABILITY has partnered with CareCentrix, the nation’s leader in managing patient care to the home, to enhance communications and workflow within the transition of care process for patients leaving the hospital.

The ABILITY transition of care service, known as ABILITY | ILLUMINATE®, is now integrated with CareCentrix’s care coordination platform. The service will automatically inform discharge planners when a patient’s home health, durable medical equipment (DME) and home infusion therapy (HIT) should be managed by CareCentrix.

The referral information is then electronically communicated directly to CareCentrix post-acute providers without faxing or phone calls, making the process faster, easier and more effective.

ABILITY | ILLUMINATE: easy to implement, easy to use

This user-friendly, web-based service is easy to make a part of your current transition of care process. ABILITY | ILLUMINATE will help:

  • Speed up communications between acute and post-acute providers
  • Reduce avoidable readmissions
  • Streamline patient transitions of care
  • Improve overall patient satisfaction

If you’re a CareCentrix network member, contact your ABILITY representative to learn how to get started with ABILITY | ILLUMINATE for a smoother, more efficient care transition process.