3 Patient Billing Workflow Areas that are Costing You Money!

Is your healthcare organization losing money to inefficient patient billing workflows?

You’re likely all too familiar with the losses that you can incur from write-offs and denials, but you may be surprised at the hidden costs that come with a few very common workflow issues. Read more

Are eligibility changes putting you at risk?

In the midst of potential changes to the ACA it can be easy to forget the importance of the basics like patient eligibility. Checking for changes in patient insurance coverage will always be a top priority, and missing the fine details can leave you in a challenging situation. Fortunately, there are strategies to address this potentially frustrating situation. Read more

SNF eligibility

New health insurance eligibility game plans needed for 2017

As the days left in 2016 start to dwindle, medical providers would be wise to start thinking about the usual churn of patients in new insurance coverage that comes every January. The time to plan is now. Although plan membership can change at any time during the year, it is the first of the year that most often reshuffles the deck. Read more

Joline Storla

Working toward better eligibility checks at clinics

ABILITY recently conducted a survey of health clinics to ask about their eligibility verification processes. The full results can be found in this news release, but the takeaway was that a lot of clinics reported they were still relying on some very time-consuming processes. Read more