ABILITY Partner Community

Introducing the Strategic Partner Community

At ABILITY, we’re always looking to make it as simple as possible for Strategic Partners to collaborate, give input and gain insight into their customers’ needs. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new benefit for our Strategic Partners – our online Partner Community. Read more

RCM challenges

RCM companies and software vendors tell us their top challenges for 2017

ABILITY recently conducted a survey of RCM companies, software vendors and industry consultants to learn their top concerns in the current healthcare climate. The results, summarized in our infographic, highlight the many interwoven challenges facing healthcare vendors as they work toward delivering innovation and value for their customers.   Read more

healthcare workforce management

ABILITY adds workforce management solutions

As the needs of the healthcare industry continue to change, ABILITY continues to diversify. We recently announced our latest acquisition: ShiftHound, a leader in cloud-based SaaS healthcare workforce management solutions. ShiftHound provides applications that improve scheduling effectiveness and operational efficiency while ensuring compliance. Read more

What growth really means

It’s almost a cliché: in any given year, a company’s overall goal is usually “growth.” In broad terms, growth signals success for the company. We are no different: 2016 certainly brought great advances for ABILITY in many areas. I’d like to emphasize, however, that our success is only achieved by our customers being well served. We only grow when you do! Here’s how that happened in 2016: Read more

Meet your Implementation and Support Leaders

Our customers count on ABILITY to keep their businesses running smoothly. It takes a skilled, dedicated team of technical support professionals who understand the unique needs of the healthcare IT business to do that.

Take a minute to learn a little more about our Implementation and Support Leaders – the people with expertise you can count on. Read more

Two key questions about our next-generation RCM application

Since the introduction of our new all-payer RCM and health data analytics application, ABILITY | ACCESS® RCM, two questions have stuck out as particularly vital to helping customers understand this unique technology.

Read more

all-payer connectivity

More than Medicare

ABILITY has always been a leader in providing secure connectivity to the nation’s largest payer – Medicare – and while we continue to provide the most comprehensive network to Medicare, we have expanded connectivity to all payers.  Read more

insurance eligibility software

Helping your customers tackle the challenges of open enrollment season

Open enrollment season is drawing closer, reinforcing the importance of building efficient, accurate and flexible tools for confirming patient eligibility. Ready to attract new customers and make your product stickier?

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Next-generation RCM tools for Strategic Partners

In February, ABILITY Network acquired G4 Health Systems, Inc., the creator of a next-generation revenue cycle management (RCM) and health data analytics application. For Strategic Partners—including EMR vendors, software companies, payers and more—the G4 technology, now known as ABILITY | ACCESS RCM, provides comprehensive RCM tools. Here, Bud Meadows, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at ABILITY; and John Carter, founder of G4 Health Systems and now Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management at ABILITY, share some details about the impacts this new technology will have for Strategic Partners.

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HETS updates

Keeping your eligibility transactions efficient and compliant

CMS has announced planned improvements to the HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System (HETS), including changes to transmission methods and functional tweaks for 270/271 transactions. The improvements, set to be released in Q3 this year, will “introduce a more robust technical infrastructure for the HETS 270/271 application,” according to CMS. Read more