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With permanent Medicare coverage, telehealth is here to stay

Is your healthcare organization ready for the virtual revolution? Last year, the healthcare market widely embraced telehealth services to help patients who were quarantining and practicing social distancing. Many practices, however, viewed virtual appointments as a stop-gap to help provide continuous care through the pandemic. As a result, a lot of healthcare organizations have been […]

Celebrating healthcare heroes during Nurses Month

Happy Nurses Week and Nurses Month! After the courageous and tireless efforts of nurses over the last months, it’s so appropriate to have Nurses Week expanded to Nurses Month. We’re excited to spend the month of May celebrating, recognizing and thanking nurses – our real-life superheroes. We’re honored to be able to support nurses by […]

New HETS updates to include latest COVID-19 vaccine data, code changes and more

Important updates are coming to HETS, the eligibility verification system used by healthcare providers to interact with Medicare. The changes will feature updates on COVID-19 vaccine administration, beneficiary entitlement reason codes, acupuncture benefits reimbursement and pneumococcal vaccine (PPV) service histories. The updates, which are expected to go into effect April 3, are fully detailed in […]

Bring efficiency and visibility to COVID vaccine distribution

After months of battling COVID-19, healthcare workers were hopeful that vaccinations would offer some much-needed light in a long pandemic tunnel. Unfortunately, the process has often been rocky. “When I went to receive my first COVID vaccination, I was brought back to reality fast,” shared one ER nurse in a rural hospital in West Virginia. […]

Choosing a mobile scheduling app that empowers your staff

In many areas of our lives, mobile apps have become integrated into our daily routines. We order groceries, coordinate curbside pick-up of lunch, track our fitness, schedule dinner with friends, navigate to our destination – all powered by a smartphone and apps. Mobile staffing and scheduling apps that deliver the same level of convenience are […]

COVID-19 vaccinations: ABILITY helps providers get paid

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are available, providers across the care continuum are dealing with the same question: How will I be reimbursed for administering the vaccine? As you likely know, the COVID-19 vaccinations are being provided at no cost to patients or providers. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to lose money for administering […]