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Maximize revenue and monitor CCM program performance

Quality data drives wise decisions. That’s never been more true than in today’s healthcare environment. Think about your practice for a moment. How would you benefit from reports, enrollment status information and other key performance indicators vital to your practice? You’d be able to make crucial decisions needed to boost revenue and maximize returns. In […]

HICNs to MBIs for Medicare Eligibility: How to Handle the Switch

By now, you are probably aware that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is no longer accepting SSN-based Health Insurance Claim Numbers (HICNs) for most transactions. The HICNs have been replaced with randomly-generated Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBIs), intended to improve the security of patients’ personal information and help prevent fraud. Starting January 1, […]

Prevent uncompensated claims in your Chronic Care Management (CCM) program

You go above and beyond every day to provide the best possible care for your patients. Unfortunately, many of the services you provide outside of face-to-face visits require extra time and resources and don’t come with additional compensation. All we can say is … ouch. But what if you could get paid for that time […]

How to streamline clinical workflow and reduce staff stress

Did you know that over 40 million Medicare beneficiaries have multiple chronic conditions? Did you also know that people with chronic conditions account for over 75% of hospital stays, office visits, home health care, and prescription drugs? There’s a high probability many of your patients qualify for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) program. That said, […]

Increase awareness: Introduce your patients to CCM

They say ignorance is bliss. While that may be true for some things in life, it certainly doesn’t apply to healthcare. And for patients with chronic conditions, being informed about care options is critical. Fortunately, Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) program helps patients get the coordinated care they need. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you […]

Avoid missed care coordination and income opportunities

So, you’re thinking about starting a chronic care management (CCM) program, but not sure where to begin? If your objective is to avoid missed care opportunities AND increase your revenue… You’ve come to the right place! First things first. How do you go about identifying CCM-eligible patients? CMS requires participants who are under your care […]

What the HETS transition means to you

Ready or not, a change is coming to your Medicare eligibility check process. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has officially announced the deadline for hospital, home healthcare, hospice and skilled nursing (Part A) eligibility inquiries to transition to a new platform. On February 1, you must bid farewell to the Common Working […]

3 patient billing workflow areas that are costing you money!

Is your healthcare organization losing money to inefficient patient billing workflows? You’re likely all too familiar with the losses that you can incur from write-offs and denials, but you may be surprised at the hidden costs that come with a few very common workflow issues.

5 hidden remittance problems that are holding you back — and how to fix them

How much are your remittances costing you? You may have hidden inefficiencies draining your time, labor and revenue. If any of the following issues sound familiar, you could benefit from a centralized approach. Wasted time pulling from different places How many different sources are you using to pull your remits? If your organization is like […]

3 ways to boost patient satisfaction and financial performance

When you think of patient satisfaction, patient payments is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But, if you take a deeper look into your patient payment processes, you’ll find a lot of avoidable inefficiencies. These can lead to hassles and inconveniences for your patients. Getting rid of them could be the key […]