Celebrate Heart Awareness on World Heart Day with ABILITY CAREWATCH®

As World Heart Day approaches, ABILITY Network would like to encourage everyone to be heart aware.

The heart is the strongest muscle in the body, but worldwide, more people die from cardiovascular disease every year than from any other cause.1 This makes attention to heart health imperative.

For long-term care providers, one way to prioritize resident heart health is by utilizing features within ABILITY CAREWATCH®, such as Diagnosis Watch. This feature tracks heart-related diagnosis codes for all residents – but identifying residents with heart conditions is just the first step. The real benefit is using this information as a guide in establishing staff training programs around looking for heart-related condition signs and symptoms and how to care plan properly. Not only can this education improve the lives of your residents, but it can also assist you with survey preparedness.

We believe proper training is essential, and to support you and your team, we have a staff of nurses ready to meet your educational needs as well as application support needs. Our team is continuously trained on the latest CMS rules and regulations and other areas of post-acute care.

One of our senior clinical educators is Sarah Becker, RN, RAC-CT, QCP.

Sarah recently hosted a customer webinar on determining the proper PDPM primary diagnosis. The presentation explored several of the PDPM rules, with scenarios to show how to choose the primary diagnosis on an MDS assessment using the ABILITY CAREWATCH ICD-10 Lookup tool.

For example, let’s evaluate the use of ICD-10 code I10 (hypertension) versus code I110 (hypertension with heart failure). Using I10 as a primary diagnosis code in an MDS assessment would yield no payment, whereas I110 would be acceptable for the PDPM Clinical Category, “Cardiovascular and Coagulations.”

ABILITY values the importance of maintaining education in all areas of life, including cardiovascular disease and overall heart health, and we encourage everyone to learn more at the World Heart Federation.


Featured Clinical Educator

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