Overcoming quarantine to serve patients in a mental health crisis with telehealth

Faced with a sudden shelter-in-place order in April 2020, mental health therapist Lys Hunt needed a way to serve her patients through the pandemic. Before COVID-19 hit, Hunt had only a single patient who didn’t attend in-person sessions at her office. With this shelter-in-place order, she suddenly needed a telehealth solution for 15 patients per week.

Turning to video conferencing and telehealth tools that she’d previously used on a limited basis, it was clear to Hunt that these platforms could not accommodate a full schedule of patient appointments. Connectivity and customer support issues became apparent very quickly, and Hunt knew she needed to make a change to serve her patients through this difficult time.

With an emerging mental health crisis due to COVID-19, Hunt needed an application that made it easy for her patients to meet with her virtually. Because the therapist was already using ABILITY for billing, ABILITY’s telehealth application felt like a natural choice. With virtual scheduling and billing capabilities in one place, and a user-friendly platform, the transition has been seamless. Hunt has maintained a full case load throughout the pandemic, helping patients who otherwise could not have received desperately-needed mental health care.

While Hunt has begun reintegrating in-person appointments, she and her patients have no plans to go back to 100% in-office sessions. For some patients, who moved farther from Hunt’s practice during the pandemic, telehealth gives them the freedom to continue working with a therapist they know and trust. And vulnerable patients have the capability to continue to care for their mental health without putting their physical health at risk.

For more details on how ABILITY helped this New England therapist respond to a burgeoning mental health crisis in the face of quarantines, check out our case study.

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