Easy claims management: how a billing consultant keeps it simple

When you think of healthcare claims, “effortless” is not usually the word that comes to mind. Quite the opposite, in fact. But that’s how one billing consultant described her experience using ABILITY’s claims management application.

Regina Burnham is a billing and account management consultant who works with behavioral health providers. To provide the best service to her clients, she needs to manage multiple claims with multiple payers – while maintaining efficiency and accuracy.

Burnham began using ABILITY CHOICE All-Payer Claims to automate her manual claims process. Now, several years later, she still counts on the application to simplify her billing. She explained, “I stayed with it because of the ease of submitting the claims.”

Even Medicare claims don’t slow her down. “ABILITY takes the pain out of getting Medicare claims set up so they can be submitted efficiently,” she said. “And they’re clean claims when they go out.”

Burnham submits her claims with confidence knowing she doesn’t have to choose between speed and accuracy.

View her story to learn more about her experience and how her claims management has transformed for the better.


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