New A/B MAC Selected for Jurisdiction J – Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced it will transition the A/B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for three states (Jurisdiction J) in early 2018.

Palmetto GBA will become the new MAC (replacing Cahaba GBA) in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, as well as for any additional out-of-jurisdiction or RHC providers who currently submit to Cahaba GBA. Transition dates are Jan. 29, 2018, for Part A providers and Feb. 26, 2018, for Part B.

Below are the final cutover dates for the transition and the contractor codes providers will be required to use post-transition:

Jurisdiction JJ – Part A (effective 01/29/2018)
Alabama Part A – contractor code 10111
Georgia Part A – contractor code 10211
Tennessee Part A – contractor code 10311

Jurisdiction JJ – Part B (effective 02/26/2018)
Alabama Part B – contractor code 10112
Georgia Part B – contractor code 10212
Tennessee Part B – contractor code 10312

What Action Will Be Required of ABILITY Customers?
ABILITY is actively working with Palmetto and Cahaba to ensure readiness for all applications in advance of the transition dates. The actions required of ABILITY customers will vary by application. Application-specific details and early onboarding information will be available in the coming weeks.

Providers will not be required to complete EDI re-enrollment with Palmetto GBA as a part of this transition. Submitter IDs will also remain the same. Providers should confirm what steps will be necessary to support the transition within their claims management software.

Resources to Support the Transition
ABILITY will share more application-specific transition plans in the coming weeks. ABILITY is proud to provide Medicare EDI services and remains committed to simplifying administrative complexity on behalf of our customers.

Transition resources from CMS are also available at Palmetto GBA JJ Transition Hub.