Here to help you shape your vision

Last November, I was honored to join ABILITY Network as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Partner Sales and Business Development. My role here will be focused on driving initiatives for your benefit — making sure we continue to diversify our applications and services to meet your needs.  

After more than 25 years of experience with healthcare payer software and services, health analytics and other healthcare technology, it’s very clear to me that the connection between providers and payers is only growing more important — and that connection is not just transactional. Intelligent data and analytics are playing a vital role in improving quality and reducing costs in our healthcare system. So while the roots of ABILITY have historically been in Medicare transactions, we now offer a much greater variety of capabilities, such as all-payer claims and clinical data analytics, to help our partners shape their visions for moving forward.

As the line continues to blur between payers and providers, and as data continues to give us more actionable insights about how to make healthcare better, ABILITY will be here to help your organization stay on the cutting edge.