SNF pros share thoughts in our new video

The Billers’ Association for Long-Term Care recently published an excerpt from The Comprehensive Guide to Nursing Home Administration that acknowledges the “many hats of SNF business office personnel.” The excerpt cites billing, account aging, month-end finances, working with families, and trust fund management as just a few of the responsibilities of SNF professionals, and notes that “their area is often quite arcane in nature,” due to the varying rules for each payer.

The “many hats” theme is one that ABILITY has found to be very common among administrative staff at skilled nursing facilities. In our new short video, SNF Pros Speak Out, we talk with a number of SNF professionals about their biggest challenges, and their responses touch on working with families, managing billing and dealing with constant change. Watch the video now to hear them in their own words!

SNF Pros Speak Out from ABILITY Network on Vimeo.

Do you agree with the topics that were mentioned? What is the most unexpected “hat” you wear as a SNF professional? Let us know in the comments!



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