Bud Meadows

Celebrating Customer Service Week

Today marks the beginning of Customer Service Week! If you are unfamiliar with this tradition, we at ABILITY believe it’s worth sharing. Customer Service Week has been a nationally recognized event since a congressional proclamation in 1992, and is now observed by thousands of organizations around the world.

As we celebrate this event with our internal team, we also recognize that our customers are in service positions in their own organizations. So on behalf of everyone here, I’d like to extend my appreciation to those of you on the front lines whose job is to help. In the healthcare industry, admissions staff, administrative support staff, customer service staff and billing staff are often the interface between providers and patients. These team members carry a huge responsibility in ensuring that patients’ questions are answered, and they are an essential part of our healthcare delivery system.

This year, Customer Service Week is occurring during a pivotal time for healthcare. The implementation of ICD-10 has been causing stress and delays in many offices, yet most patients aren’t aware of this behind-the-scenes issue, and still need the same level of service and attention you’ve always given them. Those of you in billing and coding deserve extra kudos this year for shouldering some very big challenges.

If Customer Service Week isn’t yet being observed in your office, I encourage you to share the idea. At ABILITY, we have found it to be an important way to honor our employees and to dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement. So, at ABILITY, we extend our thanks and appreciation to our immediate family of employees in Customer Service, and to our extended family of our colleagues, who, like us, support the delivery of care through customer care every day.