ICD-10 countdown

AHA publishes checklist for ICD-10 homestretch

The American Hospital Association has issued a downloadable checklist for healthcare administrators to consult for the “ICD-10 homestretch.” While the AHA’s list is aimed at hospital leaders, administrators in other healthcare settings will likely find it applicable as well, as it breaks down the to-dos into three universal categories:

  • Check internal systems
  • Verify external partner readiness
  • Consider financial protections

While the first two categories on the list won’t be news to anyone preparing for ICD-10, the last category reflects the realistic stance that administrators must now take—understanding that the transition may bring some financial hiccups, and preparing for how to minimize their impact.

How does ABILITY fit into the picture? The AHA recommends monitoring the status of submitted claims after October 1 “to learn whether problems are occurring so they do not turn into financial hardships.” While this could be quite time-consuming using traditional methods, our ABILITY | EASE service for Medicare claims can automate much of the process. Many healthcare providers are finding this service can help them efficiently monitor claims and allocate their time wisely, without having to tab through multiple screens in Medicare’s DDE system.

Of course, ABILITY customers can also rest assured that we are ready to transmit ICD-10 codes beginning on October 1.

The AHA’s checklist gives administrators a helpful high-level view of where they should be focusing their efforts in the weeks to come. With the right preparations, providers can expect to get through October 1 and beyond with minimal disruptions.