The Conversation – Summer 2014

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July 21-23, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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August 6-7, Chattanooga, TN

New ABILITY website launched!

ABILITY recently launched a new website, designed to give visitors easier access and increased information about ABILITY and our services. Check us out at, and send us your feedback, using the contact form.

HETS updated with new information

In preparation for the upcoming elimination of CWF eligibility inquiries, the HETS system has now been updated to return more information.

Click here to see the updated HETS system.

Getting familiar with the changes before the deadline will be valuable in many ways. Many organizations use the HETS transition as an opportunity to take a closer look at their entire revenue cycle management process. By using improved technology and better workflow, they have gained new efficiencies that quickly impact their bottom line.

Take a look at the ABILITY HETS information page to get the facts.

Palmetto and CGS users:
dial-up connectivity ends August 1

Effective August 1, 2014, dial-up connectivity will be eliminated as an option for uploading claims and downloading ERAs. Both Palmetto and CGS recommend that users on dial-up make the transition as soon as possible to avoid disruption to Medicare service. ABILITY offers an easy-to-deploy portal capability that allows Internet connectivity for batch claims submission and ERA download.

An enhanced ABILITY | EASE experience

As part of an ongoing commitment to improving customer experience, earlier this year ABILITY engaged a number of users to get their feedback on the ABILITY | EASE service. Based on these users’ input, ABILITY made improvements to two modules of ABILITY | EASE: claims correction and management reporting. This enhanced version has just been released (May 2014) with these updates:

The Claims Correction module can now accommodate a variety of claims editing scenarios, including changes to benefit exhaust and no-pay claims, updates to claim line item with modifier, adding and deleting first claim line, changing Type of Bill (TOB) of RTP claim, and more. The enhanced flexibility is designed to help ABILITY | EASE users correct RTP claims and adjust processed claims with appropriate verification, and utilize the application for more use cases in claims follow-up workflow cycles.

The Advanced Management reporting suite has also been improved, with easier, more customizable reports. Choosing from menu options, you can construct a worklist for claims follow-up or to report on the latest claims activity on single or multiple sites and NPIs. You’ll also have new data elements such as billed and reimbursement amount, claim submit date, and Patient Control Number (PCN) and alphanumeric TOBs with every claim status report. Now you can identify claims aging buckets, potential cost of rejection and denials in AR or amount at risk in ADRs, and collection amount for paid claims or recouped amount by Medicare Administration Contactors (MACs).

If you have questions about these and other improvements in the latest
ABILITY | EASE update, please call Customer Support at 888.460.4310.

We are continuing to engage our customers in further refinements to all ABILITY services and you will be seeing more improvements this year. We appreciate your help and patience!

ABILITY | EASE now serving over 9,000 providers

Over 9,000 hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare, and hospice providers across the United States are now using ABILITY | EASE to manage their Medicare reimbursement activities. Wisteria Gardens, a skilled nursing facility in Mississippi, saw a dramatic improvement in their revenue management when they implemented ABILITY | EASE. See the accompanying “Success Story” about Wisteria Gardens to learn the results they are getting from ABILITY | EASE.

Watch this quick three-minute video to learn how to configure administrative permissions in myABILITY.

Wisteria Gardens:
Saving time and money with ABILITY | EASE

Ranked among the US News & World Report top nursing homes, Wisteria emphasizes quality and continually looks for ways to improve its care and business operations. It was the commitment to become more efficient with their Medicare business that brought Wisteria to implement ABILITY | EASE in 2011. Click here to read the full story.