Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether it’s Medicare connectivity, revenue cycle management or eligibility services, ABILITY products can help your financial, patient access, scheduling and administrative areas work more effectively and efficiently. ABILITY services include DDE, Medicare DDE, Medicare eligibility and claims/remits. We also offer services for commercial and Medicaid eligibility, plus a number of workflow and revenue cycle management tools. Get more details about our services here.

Absolutely. Our eligibility services include connections with over 400 commercial payers plus Medicaid. Check out ABILITY | COMPLETE for our most comprehensive and robust all-payer service.

ABILITY provides you with myABILITY, a user-friendly online delivery platform that gives you access to all of your ABILITY services. It features single sign-on (SSO), which means you log in once and then have access to a suite of subscribed services. The number of users is unlimited.

We’re not a one-size-fits-all company. Our pricing depends on your size, your EDI transaction volume and your specific connectivity and workflow needs. Request a quote, schedule a personalized demo for any of our services, or contact an ABILITY representative directly at 888.895.2649.

Yes, just request a personalized demo of any of our services, or contact an ABILITY representative at 888.895.2649. All our services can be viewed via an online meeting facilitated by one of our representatives.

By design, ABILITY services are easy to implement in your organization.  They’re so easy, in fact, that most customers can install the services themselves. Remember, there is no special software to install, so there’s minimal involvement by your IT department. (There’s no ongoing maintenance for them, either!).

For our Medicare services, all that’s required are your NPIs and tax ID number. Unlike ABILITY, many other vendors have a much more involved enrollment process to enroll for Medicare eligibility.

No. From its beginnings in 2000, ABILITY was the pioneer in offering secure, reliable web-based connectivity.  Today, there’s a national movement underway to eliminate dial-up connectivity entirely for EDI transactions. If you’re still thinking about dial-up, call on us to see how much easier and more cost-effective our web-based services can be! Contact Us.

The ABILITY Customer Support and Implementation Teams will provide full support to you and your organization via phone and email, during installation and beyond. We also offer ongoing free webinars and recorded computer-based training for all our services — feel free to sign up any number of your employees to attend, at your convenience.

ABILITY is a CMS-approved Medicare Network Service Vendor (NSV). We have one of the nation’s largest, most secure web and private network infrastructures, with security protocols that exceed today’s industry standards. We are certified by EHNAC and CORE for our high reliability and security.

ABILITY Network started out in 2000 as a company called VisionShare. We had a handful of employees and an innovative idea: using the Internet to securely connect healthcare providers to Medicare. What VisionShare gave providers was a faster, more secure, reliable, user-friendly way to connect to Medicare using web-based applications and interfaces. Like many new uses of the Internet, this idea of sending and receiving information electronically revolutionized the industry.

The company has grown over the years, in our size and in our vision. With investments from Lemhi Ventures and then Bain Capital Ventures, we became ABILITY® Network Inc (“ABILITY”) in February 2011, and in April 2013 acquired IVANS, another web-based Medicare service vendor. In April 2014 ABILITY received a $550 million strategic investment led by Summit Partners. In November 2014, ABILITY acquired MD On-Line, Inc., a trusted provider of connectivity, workflow, and analytic services to ambulatory providers, payers, and other healthcare customers. In April 2015, ABILITY continued to expand our services to the healthcare market by acquiring System Designs, Inc., and its PC-ACE claims processing system — a key revenue management tool for thousands of healthcare providers across the country. In December 2015, ABILITY acquired the OCS HomeCare Division of National Research Corporation, adding analytics software services that offer clinical outcomes improvement, hospitalization insights, and quality assurance benchmarking and reporting. ABILITY remains headquartered in Minneapolis, with principal locations in Boston and Tampa.

Today ABILITY is the leader in helping thousands of healthcare providers manage the administrative and clinical complexities of healthcare.