ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler for staff scheduling and ABILITY SMARTFORCE Physician for provider scheduling are now available through the Providence St. Joseph Health procurement process.

Simplify your entire scheduling process for staff and physicians

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Providence St. Joseph Health has signed a Master Service Agreement with ABILITY Network simplifying procurement and making it easy for departments to simplify staff and physician scheduling. These modern, mobile approaches to scheduling reduce complexity and bring new levels of efficiency. Already in use in many different settings within Providence St. Joseph Health, they have the flexibility to support variations in needs for single departments to complex multi-location operations.

  • Strong communication - keeps everyone informed of new work opportunities and schedule changes
  • Fully functioning mobile app - 24/7, anywhere access to the schedule, request shifts, make swaps, view and communicate with on-call staff
  • Assists with labor partner or contract rules - OT, seniority, fairness and commitment levels
  • Easy and fast to implement - light on resources and no IT needed

Consider the results reported by Ken White, one of the first people at Providence St. Joseph Health to adopt ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler. He is the clinical imaging lead at Providence Medford Medical Center and manages the schedules of seven departments.

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Time and hassle are saved.

Prior to ABILITY SMARTFORCE, Ken was spending up to 60% of his time on scheduling. With ABILITY SMARTFORCE, he has a 75% reduction in scheduling effort, spending about 10% of his time on schedules.

Team communication is improved.

Communication with the team is now both streamlined and effective with text and/or email notifications of open shifts, schedule changes and requests.

Schedules are available from anywhere, any time.

The team can see the schedule from anywhere, at any time thanks to the cloud-based, mobile capabilities of ABILITY SMARTFORCE. Additionally, they can pick up shifts, trade shifts and make requests all from their phones. When a change is made, the schedule is instantly updated and viewable from any phone, tablet or computer.

No more errors.

Ken reports that the biggest issues he faced prior to ABILITY SMARTFORCE – errors and omissions – have been eliminated.


ABILITY SMARTFORCE has been highly effective in improving our staffing process and communications across large departments.

Jason White, Supervisor Diagnostic Imaging Service Line

Providence Medford Medical Center


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  • 24/7 access via scheduling application or mobile app
  • 100% online scheduling solution
  • Eliminate phone calls for shift changes and updates
  • Streamline scheduling and free up time
  • Allow staff to handle coverage issues by collaboration
  • Can view and communicate with on-call staff


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  • Automated rule-based scheduling
  • Flexible rules definitions include policy, preferences and contract requirements
  • Optimized and respectful communications via text or email
  • 24/7 access via scheduling application or mobile app with instant updates
  • Simplified commitment tracking

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