Virtual Provider Network-VPN  High speed Internet access to FISS for DDE & HETS  

Secure Medicare Online Connections

What if you could simplify and streamline your administrative and operational workflow saving you time and improving productivity? What if you could profit from payment reform efficiently managing your receivables from Medicare?

Now we give you ABILITY to do just that and improve your healthcare revenue cycle management.

Whether you are a large or small hospital, clinic, physician practice, home health agency, skilled nursing facility, hospice or DME provider, ABILITY | IVANS NOW enables you to manage all your Medicare business with just one connection simply and securely using your existing high-speed Internet including claims submission, processing and eligibility verification. 

Say good-bye to multiple logins and ever-changing passwords, slow screen refreshes, dropped calls or disconnects. Now you have ABILITY to connect with confidence, with speed to claims processing and speed to reimbursement.


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Don’t be trapped with clumsy convoluted access.