• Americans who qualify for Medicare coverage have a lot of options from which to select health coverage. There is Medicare basic coverage from the US government and there are also a variety of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and commercial plans offering Medicare health coverage. Open enrollment for Medicare is usually designated for several weeks during the fourth quarter of every year.

    If you have a sizable Medicare patient base, you may have experienced frustration when an active patient has changed Medicare providers and you don’t learn of it until a submitted claim is denied.

    We give you the ABILITY to understand when patients switch Medicare providers.

    HMO Move Catcher is a feature of ABILITY | EASE that helps you identify any of your current patients who have recently moved from one Medicare plan to another.

    Are you prepared to catch a change in coverage when a patient moves from one Medicare insurer to another?

    Would it help if you were proactively notified when your existing Medicare patients enrolled in an HMO?

    Would you like the same notification when your HMO patients switch back to Medicare or enroll in a different HMO?

    If you aren’t aware of these kind of patient moves from one plan to another, do you lose reimbursement for claims submitted and rejected, because of coverage changes you were not aware of?

    · ​        Reduce the denied claims incurred when a Medicare insurer is no longer providing coverage for your patient
    ·         Cut down on wasted time having to re-submit a claim to a new Medicare provider
    ·         Receive prompt reimbursement and improve your cash flow​


Let ABILITY | EASE HMO Move Catcher help identify patients who have recently switched plans so that you don’t get stuck billing the wrong provider and waiting longer than necessary for reimbursement as a result.

The ABILITY | EASE HMO Move Catcher notifies you when your patient’s Medicare status changes.

How it Works

HMO Move Catcher is designed to follow changes in eligibility for a very specific type of patient -- HMO enrollees. HMO Move Catcher will alert you when an HMO patient you have designated to be tracked, changes enrollment. If they are enrolled in an HMO and change that enrollment back to Medicare, then there will be an alert on the HMO Move Catcher Report. If they are enrolled in an HMO and change to another HMO, then there will be an alert on the HMO Move Catcher Report. It will also ‘catch’ when a patient moves from Medicare to an HMO. Truly a valuable tool to keep you up to date on your patients’ eligibility.

Who Gains Value?
Whether you are a Home Health Care Provider, Hospice, Skilled Nursing Facility, Hospital or a Federally Qualified Health Center—you can take advantage of the benefits of ABILITY | EASE. You now have ABILITY to have the information you need when you need it most.