ABILITY EASE helps you address head-on the challenges of staff shortages by streamlining patient tracking capabilities and billing processes. You can now provide more time to focus on the activities that really matter. You now have the ability to experience cash flow management improvements with a better understanding of your receivables at risk.

We give you ABILITY to make your Medicare dollars work for you.

Improving Your Bottom Line

Are you aware how much Medicare owes you for claims submitted that are still outstanding?

Would it help you manage your cash flow if you understood your expected Medicare reimbursement on a daily or weekly basis?

Would it be beneficial to be able to view what Medicare has paid you and what is still outstanding in order to better manage your monthly expenses?

Healthcare providers are under tremendous pressure from escalating debt and uncompensated care. We give you ABILITY to take control of your revenue management with our ABILITY EASE Financial Management Reporting.

What’s Included
The ABILITY EASE Financial Management Reporting includes five new reports:
1. Submitted Claims
2. Unpaid Claims
3. Active Episodes
4. Payment Details
5. Weekly Payment Summary

Each report gives you a unique insight into your Medicare receivables based on what you’ve already submitted.

These advanced reports:
·         Provide an estimate or projection on the amount of cash you can expect to receive from Medicare each day up to the 14 day Medicare payment cycle.
·         Allow you to better manage cash flow and plan accordingly for covering short-term expenses.
·         Display up to an 18-month snap shot directly from Medicare of all claims submitted and current status.
·         Reduce the number of short-term loans required to make ends meet.​

The ABILITY | EASE Financial Management Reporting provides a comprehensive picture of your Medicare billing.

Who Gains Value?

Whether you are a Home Health Care Provider, Hospice, Skilled Nursing Facility, Hospital or a Federally Qualified Health Center—you can take advantage of the benefits of ABILITY | EASE. You now have ABILITY to have the information you need when you need it most.